D.O.R.K.s – Daughters of the Risen King

The Mission

DORKs are a group of supportive, teens and young women who recognize what role God plays in their lives. DORKs show the love of God through multiple forms of community service, creativity and self esteem building events and activities while being positive role models to young girls.

 Age Range


 Key Scripture

Proverbs 31:25- She is clothed in dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

 The Goal

To have our teens and young women grow a stronger bond as an integral unit within the New Hope Fellowship Women’s Ministry (NHFWM). We want these girls support each other in many ways and excite our youngest females of the church community about becoming a vital member of NHFWM.

 The Efforts

DORKs will host church activities, have small book studies, become knowledgeable about issues pertaining to young girls around the world, have mother/daughter events, make holiday gifts, “For the Girls” outings, and participate in community service projects that will benefit other teens and women.

 The Result

An effective DORK movement will allow young women to become vocal about their faith in God and their goals. Studies have shown that young women who are more vocal about their wants and needs are less likely to suffer from depression and have less fear of failure.


DORKs met on August 16, 2014, for their first session.  They will reconvene at a date in the near future to keep the ball rolling in addition to making plans for futures activities and projects with the support of the NHF women.