Christian Education



The scripture teaches us to “grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”  However, unlike natural growth, spiritual growth is not automatic, and must be deliberately pursued.

The Christian Education Ministry exists to provide a vehicle to help the body of Christ, but particularly the members of New Hope to grow spiritually.  We exist to provide the tools necessary to help participants experience increasingly higher levels of intimacy, effectiveness, and impact in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

We offer several groups studies for specific interest groups.

Seasoned Saints  Study Group

The Seasoned Saints Study Group is designed with the specific concerns of seniors in mind.

Women’s Study Group

The Women’s Study Group is designed as a place of learning and fellowship for women ages 18 and up. The classes look at the real life issues that women face and endeavors to give wisdom, guidance and Godly counsel to live successful Christian lives in a a changing world.

Teen Study Group

The Teen Study Group is designed specifically to help teens navigate the sometimes turbulent years between 13 and 20. Through selected book studies the class offers guidance in how to deal with school, peers, career and the other issues that teen must navigate to become successful, fulfilled, Christian adults.

Married Couples Study Group 

The Married Couples Study Group is devoted to strengthening Christian Marriages. Through book studies and discussions participants learn to have more effective communication and more fulfilling marriages based on God’s instructions for marriage.